Eldorado Film

Eldorado (1921) Marcel L’Herbier

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Nana Film

Nana (1926) Jean Renoir

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LArgent Film

L’Argent (1928) Marcel L’Herbier

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The Fall of the House of Usher Film

The Fall of the House of Usher (1928) Jean Epstein

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Napoleon Film

Napoleon (1927) Abel Gance

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The Living Dead Man Film

The Living Dead Man (1926) Marcel L’Herbier

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The Little Match Girl Film

The Little Match Girl (1928) Jean Renoir, Jean Tédesc…

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The Three Sided Mirror Film

The Three-Sided Mirror (1927) Jean Epstein

Watch 45min
visages denfants Film

Mother (1925) Jacques Feyder

Watch 114min
Six et demi onze Film

Six et demi onze (1927) Jean Epstein

Watch 84min
Linhumaine Film

L’inhumaine (1924) Marcel L’Herbier

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The Faithful Heart Film

The Faithful Heart (1923) Jean Epstein

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Le brasier ardent Film

Le brasier ardent (1923) Ivan Mozzhukhin

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La belle Nivernaise Film

La belle Nivernaise (1924) Jean Epstein

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The Wheel Film

The Wheel (1923) Abel Gance

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Coster Bill of Paris Film

Coster Bill of Paris (1922) Jacques Feyder

Watch 50min
JAccuse Film

J’accuse! (1919) Abel Gance

Watch 166min
The Tenth Symphony Film

The Tenth Symphony (1918) Abel Gance

Watch 80min
Richard III Film

The Life and Death of King Richard III (1912) André C…

Watch 55min
Manon Lescaut Film

Manon Lescaut (1926) Arthur Robison

Watch 99min

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